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It’s time for membership drive!

Were you an MBS boy?  What are you waiting for?  Come and join us!  Be part of our MBSKL Alumni Association.  Of course, being brought up street wise in Chinatown, you’ll inevitably ask this very practical question, ‘What is it for me to be part of you all?’  A fair question needs some fair answers.

It is often said that different alumnus join Alumni Associations for different reasons.   A major reason is that it is a walk down a sentimental journey to the good old days.  Alumni Associations are associated with sentiments: feelings of the days in schools and about your school mates.  Oh, not for me, declares an old boy.  I’m young and vibrant.  I’m not going to sit there the whole night long listening to an oldie suffering from verbal diarrhoea.  I want to be in places and people with ‘happening.’  I need to network and develop my business.  Another old boy may remark.  School is over.  I’ve to get on with my life.  Why do I have to waste time with the past?

Whatever your reasons, please take some time to look at the MBSKL Alumni Association from a different perspective.  We, the old boys and girls, have the resources to develop the Association to cater to our multi-faceted needs or your groups’ needs.  This may imply that we should not stand there and say, what the Association can do for us.  We should be asking, what we can do for our Association.  There’s a lot of work that could be done.  Already in the pipeline are the quarterly e-Newsletter, the MBSalumni Email and the MBSalumni activities.  We have much more to do and develop the network system into a viable Alumni Association.  Could you contribute to this development?  The Association needs you!

One great benefit of being a member of the Alumni Association is the exposure to the many opportunities in business, learning experiences and to be immersed in other types of lifestyles.  Old boys and girl have stretched out their tentacles to every nook and corner in business and profession and this is indeed a strategy we can capitalize on.  A case in point -  If you want your children to learn Waterskiing & Wakeboarding, contact our old boy Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah at +6012 272 1948 or visit his website

I’m sure there’re lots of others out there where our old boys and girls have a hand in business opportunities.  It will be the Alumni Association that will bridge you with these contacts.  We could work on a business directory for the Alumni.  This is not all.  Think of travels.  Think of hobbies.  There’re old boys and girls and their families out there who may want to join you.  It’s a win-win situation for both you and also for the Alumni.

Are these good enough reasons to join the MBSKL Alumni Association?  Please think seriously.

MBSalumni Membership Benefits

  • Free customised MBSalumni Email
  • Free MBSalumni Badge with Cross
  • Free MBSalumni Bi-Annual Directory*
  • Free MBSalumni Quarterly e-Newsletter
  • Free listing on MBSalumni Online Business DIrectory*
  • First to know about MBSalumni activities
  • Discount on MBSalumni merchandise*
  • Share your hobby or interest with other MBSalumni members
  • Catch up with former schoolmates
  • Meet new friends

* Terms and conditions apply.