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The MBSKL Alumni Association identity consists of the MBSalumni logo, the Genome Bridge and the tagline, "The Bridge between School and Life."


What makes an MBS alumnus?

Often, one’s character and conduct is attributed to what “he is made of”. An MBS alumnus is made of good ‘genes’ that is provided by the school; its nurturing environment, learning culture, tradition, discipline and the desire for excellence. These qualities are inherent in an MBS alumnus, whether he was a student a year ago, or decades ago.

The MBSalumni identity puts forward the idea of ‘good genes’, and how these ‘good genes’ make an MBS alumnus who is successful in bridging his formative years in school and his life as an individual, with the values that the school had instilled in him.

The Genome Bridge is made up of 23 pairs of lines in various thickness, representing the 23 chromosome pairs that makes a human being. These lines are reminiscent of a genetic karyotype printout. Each line can represent an element of the school (eg. discipline, sports, tradition, camaraderie, etc.)

These lines form the profile of a bridge, with the tagline "THE BRIDGE BETWEEN SCHOOL AND LIFE" rendered in a bold, upright font. When presented together, the bridge would link to the MBSalumni logo, completing the journey of the Bridge.

(human gene karyotype)





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