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I started studying in MBS in 1946, just after the Japanese occupation. The school was then located at High Street, now Jalan Bandar, next to the present Police Station. My schoolmates include Chu Tham Sang & the late Liu Kwai Choong. We then have to bring along our own chair to the school and take it back after classes. Pencils and erasers were very important to us because we have to write on the exercise book with pencils and then erase our writings in order to use the same pages again. We bring along tin water containers & tin mugs. Plastic cups were deemed a prized possession. We go to school in whatever clothes we have as there was no school uniform then. The teachers were all Europeans and they were very strict. School hours were from 7.30am to 3.00pm. Many of us have to go and help our parents in their business after school and do our homework late at night. The naked electric bulbs at home were not bright and we have to finish our homework fast to save electricity.

During my service in the army, which includes a posting as peacekeeper to the Congo under the UN the flag,  I have seen the hardship suffered by the poor people there who barely have the basic necessities of life. Subsequent to my return to civilian life some years later, I was recruited by Mr Thong Hon Keong, the then President of MBSOBA.  I have been a committee member with the MBSKL alumni association since 1972, holding various positions in the management committee. It is very heartening to see the fire and passion of some alumni members who volunteer their services in ensuring that the alumni is properly run and provide good support to the school’s activities. The fellowship among our alumni members during our various events and gatherings, since the early days up till now, are very much treasured by me.


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