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Low Kwai Chee first learned Shaolin Qigong in 2002, and mastered it within three months. He began to teach qigong in 2003. After teaching qigong for several years, he attended a workshop on Wellness Medical Qigong and learned qigong treatment techniques. He is certified by the Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine as a qi healer.

Master Low, an MBS old boy, has been conducting private qigong classes for MBSalumni members since November 2009. The senior students have already learned the three types of qigong taught by him.

What makes his approach different? Master Low says that the three types of qigong that he teaches can be considered high level qigong as they are easy to learn, quick to accumulate qi and safe. Moreover, he prefers small classes so that he can give individual attention to his students, whom he teaches according to their own individual pace.



Master Low and some MBSalumni members during a Sunday morning class.


After having practised qigong for more than a year, albeit not in a very disciplined manner, Charlie Ng says that he can feel the difference. Indeed, he managed to even loose some inches off his waistline (which he unfortunately regained during the Chinese New Year festivities).

That is why Master Low says, “to really benefit from qigong, it has to be approached holistically. It must be adopted as a lifestyle and practised everyday. If we only practise on Sundays, and start eating unhealthy foods as soon as class is over, then we will not really benefit from qigong.”

Ho Chee Wah, another student, agrees. He shared an anecdote about his friend who suffered from glaucoma. Apparently, after practising qigong diligently for a period of time, his eyesight actually improved. Apart from learning the qigong exercises, consistent and disciplined practice is very important. Thus, it is very helpful to have a few supportive friends and/or family members to practise qigong together with.

According to Master Low, there are more than 7,000 types of qigong in China.


Master Low demonstrating a new Medical Qigong movement.



(This article is an excerpt from the MBSalumni newsletter The Bridge No. 3. To read the full article, please download it HERE)



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