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Below is a report submitted by S. Sri Sujalan Mitra, a prefect with the MBSKL Prefectorial Board during their Prefectorial Board Camp recently. The camp was also attended by MBSalumni Honorary Secretary Jonson Chong and MBSKL PTA Chairman Mr. Ron Leong.




28th May 2011 (Saturday)


Highly enthusiastic and excited faces gathered at the courtyard of the Methodist Boys’ Secondary School as early as 8.15 in the morning. This was surprising, a rare phenomenon because coming to school on a Saturday is always a misery. Then I realised that all the prefects who had gathered there shared the same feeling, excited and looking forward to the wonderful camp experience that awaited them. The previous day, a school level Teachers’ Day celebration was held. It had been a very tiring day, in fact, a rather hectic week for all prefects. However, none of the tiredness was expressed on their faces. Only fun and laughter was evident. The journey started at 8.45 am sharp and we set off in two buses. Each bus had two teachers. They were Cik Rozana and Cik Evarina on the first bus, while Mrs. Looi and Mrs. Koshy were on the second. Altogether, there were 44 prefects on the trip to Jengka, Pahang.


We reached our destination at 1 pm and after checking in headed off for a much awaited lunch. Without any waste of time, the first activity was held immediately after. It was team building. All camp participants were divided into five teams and were asked to discuss their team’s name, slogan and cheer. All sorts of ideas were thrown around for discussion throughout the session, but what was impressive was the fact that all prefects were actively involved in the brainstorming session of their respective groups. After the discussion, the prefects were given some time to unpack and organise themselves. Dinner was at 7 pm. After dinner, at 8pm, we gathered at Dewan Melur for our night activity which was exploration of the oil-palm plantation, which surrounded the place we were staying at. We were briefed by the chief guide Encik Azmi on the do’s and don’ts. With our torches lighted we walked in a long line venturing into the darkness. As we were briefed earlier, the plantation isn’t a completely safe place with the existence of wild rats, wild boar and snakes, but most were not fearful knowing fully well that their friends were watching their backs. After a kilometre into the plantation, we were asked to walk back in the groups that we were assigned to earlier that day with only the brightness of one candlestick lighting our path. It was tough, but teamwork made it easy. The night-walk provided us with a platform to gain knowledge about the oil-palm plantation. More importantly, we learnt to understand and trust our group members. Day one was just fun and more fun, but we all knew that there were more to come the next day.


Day two started with more surprises as we kept on schedule and all participants gathered for morning exercise punctually, at 7 am sharp, even though it was Champions League Final the previous night. Their fire of excitement was undoubtedly burning even after a day at camp. Later that morning, we went for cave exploration and trekking which was a definite test of our teamwork, alertness and leadership. It surely proved to be an adventure and experience of a lifetime. Many obstacles came our way throughout the activity. For instance, slippery steps and narrow openings made the movement into the cave not only difficult but dangerous as well. Again, I was impressed by my young prefects who voluntarily helped each other and no matter how hard things got, selfishness was not seen in any of them as a slip could prove fatal.  


The second day was a long one. Once back at the residence, Mr. Ron Leong was there and most participants at the camp know that he is a leadership trainer and an excellent speaker. However, after a tiring day at the cave, the last thing we wanted was to sit and listen to a speech. Mr. Ron proved to us that he is a professional trainer. Instead of talking, he organised team building hands-on activities to arrest our interest, and he definitely did. Three activities were just enough to teach us values such as self motivation, perseverance and focus. Later in the evening, it was Jonson Chong who took over the microphone. He talked about a true leader and the seven effective qualities to become one. He introduced books and proverbs and opened our minds. He organised his points very well and this made understanding easier. Understanding is the key point in application. At the end of his session, Jonson gave us an activity to put into practice what he had told us. Talking about Mr. Ron Leong and Jonson Chong, they both have one thing in common, besides their outstanding talent in inspiring others they are both alumnus of Methodist Boys’ School (MBS) and also active members of the MBSKL Alumni Association (MBSKLAA).  They had also served as prefects during their time at school. The commitment these men show towards the school by coming back to serve it without any expectations even after many years proves to us that MBS has produced dedicated and selfless gentlemen through the years. The act of these two men also has shown us that the spirit to serve the school runs in the blood of every single 17-year old or 19-year old who graduates from this alma mater. Day two ended with a fun filling performance night. The theme for the performance was “Never Say Never”, yes, a very peculiar theme it was. Within one day of preparation, the prefects successfully came up with performances that were both meaningful and creative. Sitting as one of the audience, I couldn’t help myself from laughing continuously. Day three started off as the previous days, with morning exercise and breakfast. The final activity for the camp was “Treasure Hunt”. Each team was asked to solve 20 questions or riddles with help of the clues that were located around the residing area. Even though it was a competition based activity, what was surprising was that the prefects helped among teams and worked together to make things easier. Teamwork and rationality form the foundation of our Prefectorial Board!


Before leaving, a discussion was held with all the participants and teachers where we had a post mortem of the camp. The session was important so that we realise the things that we have gained throughout the camp and so that mistakes made in this camp is not repeated during the camps to come. The fact that the camp came to an end was hard to digest for all those who participated but we all knew that all good things have to come to an end. What we gained during the camp was a lot of experience and new knowledge; we had nothing to lose. We feel sorry for those who couldn’t or didn’t join us. What a great loss! The sweet memories during the camp will be treasured forever. Go Forward MBS!


S. Sri Sujalan Mitra

Secretary of MBSKL Prefectorial Board





Participants during the night walk with their teacher.


Trekking through the jungle to Berangin Cave.


Deep in mind.


One of Mr. Ron Leong's activities "The Magic Carpet".


Ron Leong briefing participants on an activity.


"Water Balancing".



Ron Leong lecturing.


Jonson Chong


Prefects performing during the performance night.


Group photo.


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