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28th May 2011 marked the spirit of solidarity of MBSalumni comprising old boys and girls, teachers and the strong support from our well-wishers. A three-hour delightful presentation of music and songs and dances mesmerised the audience packed to its capacity at the KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) at Sentul.


Yes, it was a charity concert, appropriately called the Moon Speaks for My Heart, in honour and tribute to the late songstress Teresa Teng. It was indeed a great Saturday afternoon to be at KLPAC instead of the golf course. Tan Soo Suan in her soprano rendition did much justice to Teresa Teng’s everlasting golden hits. The more than 20 songs were interspersed by Evelyn Toh (mezzo-soprano) and Chang Fang Chyi (alto) who sang and moved graciously. Of course, the back-up singers and dancers in their colourful costumes held the audience spell bound. We must not forget the Dama Orchestra who were so professional in their rhythm and tune. For the audience who know Chinese, the lyrics were meaningful but soft and melancholy, depicting the difficult times Teresa Teng had to undergo in her professional singing career.


Charity is always in the minds of the members of the MBS Alumni Association. Thank you MBSians once again to the call for charity. The concert was organised to raise sufficient funds for the school and the scout movement. Corporate sponsors picked up the tickets at RM800 or RM600 each, while other tickets at RM300 or RM150 were snapped up in no time.


Concert apart, it was also an exciting time when old school mates and fellow alumni from different years met at the tea reception held one hour before the show. For many, it was their first visit to the KLPAC. Gauging from the feedback at the end of the concert, the show was superb. “Fantastic” was the expression many described it. The directors of Dama Orchestra and the singers met with the audience at the lounge after the show and many took the opportunity to click their cameras. KLPAC is indeed an ideal venue for such a concert. The seats are comfortable and the hall has excellent acoustics.


Now something for the memory of Teresa Teng. It is a pity that our talented Teresa is no more with us, otherwise we would have enjoyed more of her songs. She passed on young and unexpectedly. She started singing at the tender age of 14 to support her family. A Taiwanese, Teresa made inroads in her career into Japan, Hong Kong and Asia. She could sing in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Japanese.


Indeed, we must thank the MBSalumni Management Committee for a job well done. Bravo! Go Forward MBS!


Guests were mingling around


School principal Mr. Wong Chee Kheon (2nd from left)


Black Tie Events Asia crew manning the registration counter


Audience in the performing hall


MBSalumni President Mr. Teo Chiang Quan


Honorary Secretary Jonson Chong flanked by V. President Peter Yap (left) and President CQ Teo (right)


MBSalumni President Mr. Teo welcoming the guests


Honorary Treasurer Chan Ka Kiong (left) and Committee Member Lim Eu Tjek (right) welcoming guests at the entrance.






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