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The Alumni wishes to thank everyone who have attended the MBSalumni Open Bowling Tournament 2014 recently held at Kuala Lumpur Megalanes.



The tournament was set to start at 2 p.m. but people have started to gather by 1.30 p.m. Committee members of the Alumni arrived by 1.00 p.m. to set up the event and direct the participants into their respective bowling lanes. Door gifts (alumni key chain) were given to all the participants of the event before the start of the tournament. The tournament then started at 2.30 p.m.. The start of the bowling games was smooth with most participants eagerly waiting at their respective lanes to put their hands on the bowling balls, and at the same time refreshments were distributed to all participants. A photographer was assigned by the President to cover the events. And a team of students from the "Pendidikan Khas" side accompanied by their teacher participated. Few old boys even took the chance to submit their membership application forms to the Alumni. 60 players participated with 4 persons in a team and every teams given 3 games.


There was a late start for Team 5 and Team 9 due to the late arrival of their teammates. As the games progressed and ended, focus was on Team 6 and Team 5 as they were the last two teams to finish their games and the teams consisted of several former state players and former school representatives. At the finish, score sheet were immediately printed out to determine the respective winners of the bowling event. At the same time the President gave a thank you speech to all the participant, while later Mr. Choo Yew Kuen announced all the winners of the event. The President and Vice President were invited to present prizes to the winners.





First Prize :

1) Chay Wei Hong
2) Yeoh Siew Sam
3) Yong Teck Joo
4) Kah Weng Fhai


Second Prize :

1) Fong Wing Wey
2) Liew Kok Wah
3) Mickey Chua
4) Toh Kah Kit


Third Prize :

1) Chung Van Li
2) Chung Jun Li
3) William Lor
4) Danny Kok


High Score

1) Chung Jun Li (Male Category)

2) Chery Ang (Female Category)


MBSKL Students Placement

1st Place : Ng Sze Huo
2nd Place : Muhammad Khairi Abdullah
3rd Place : Andrew Ong Wai Seng


Appreciations :

1) Wong Hsien Loong
2) Pn. Loi of MBSKL "Pendidikan Khas"
3) Mrs. Selena of PIBG
4) Mr. Choo Yew Kuen, Secretary of MBSKL Alumni Association


Mr. Choo (secretary of the Alumni) welcoming the participants of the tournament and giving instructions to the players.


Cheah Kitt Seong (organiser) and his friends.


Ron Leong (committee member) in a state of jubilant.


A player in full swing.


Students from MBSKL "Pendidikan Khas" class.


Chung Van Li


V. President of the Association Mr. Au Peng Wah congratulating Charlie Ng (committee member).

President of the Association Mr. Ho Chee Wah having a chat with participants after their games ended.

MBSKL students

V. President Mr. Au Peng Wah awarding Wisely Chung "High Score" pennant for male category.

V. President Mr. Au Peng Wah awarding Chery Ang "High Score" pennant for female category.

Third prize winners.

Second prize winners.

First prize winners with their hamper.

Mr. Au Peng Wah awarding "Appreciation" pennant to Mrs. Selena from PIBG.

MBSKL 10th K.L. Air Scout Group at the tournament.

Alumni president Mr. Ho Chee Wah and Mickey Chua.


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