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One doesn’t know when it becomes handy.  But we need to know how to use it.  This is the CPR or the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Workshop held on 8th May at the Yong Chee Seng Block and the School Hall.

Dato’ Dr Lee Hoo Teong, the Head of the Federal Territories, St John’s Ambulance, facilitated the workshop on CPR.  He presented the ABC of first aid that involves the 4Ps and they are:

1.    Preserve life
2.    Prevent further injuries
3.    Promote recovery
4.    Protect the unconscious

Dr Lee demonstrated how to handle the unconscious and when the victim is choking.  For children, CPR should be done with two fingers and in a situation when the child is choking, hold the child down on your lap and slap the back of the child.

After the theoretical lessons, the group was divided into three smaller groups and led to the hall where practical lessons were conducted on dummies donated by the General Practitioners’ Association.  The participants had a swell time learning under the guidance of the St John’s Ambulance Para-medical Staff doing the CPR.  They discovered how difficult it was to do the Heimleich manoeuvre.

Tired and aching, the group completed the session in our tuck shop to some excellent teh tarik and also curry puffs and kueh with the compliments from the MBS Alumni.

Overall, it was an enlightening session, helpful and useful knowledge to acquire in case of emergency.  An applause was given to the MBS Alumni and Dato’ and the scouts followed it up with a ‘Thank you’ yell.

The next activity to be organized by the Alumni will be on how to cook delicious food.  But don’t forget the forthcoming MBS Annual Dinner in One World Hotel!  The Alumni will forward to your participation.


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