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The upper secondary school boys from Forms 4 to 6 were given an opportunity to visit the PROTON Manufacturing Plant in Tanjung Malim on 11th May.  Indeed, there was thorough excitement!  Students do not usually go on field trips these days.  The Proton representatives briefed the students on how cars are manufactured by using robots.  It was quite an experience looking at how the robots could work so competently.  Through the generous sponsorship of RM800 from the Monash University Sunway Campus, the school chartered a bus for only RM600.  What happened to the balance of the RM200?  Of course, it was spent buying the famous Tanjung Malim Chinese dumpling (pau).  A Monash University representative from the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department accompanied the boys on this trip.  His aim was to provide career counselling for the students.  The aim of such a trip was to help our students think of their career path at an early age and also for them to remember that the Alumni Association bridges the link between the School and the Industry.

Overall comment – a worthwhile trip!


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