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By Roshan Thiran
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What do The Beatles, Warren Buffett, David Beckham, Mokhtar Dahari and Bill Gates all have in common? They’re all famous, they’re all gifted, and they’re all geniuses in their own realms.  But more importantly, they all got to where they are today by doing one thing in common – they all poured their hearts and souls, blood and tears into achieving “perfection” through lots of practice.

Thomas Alva Edison said “genius is 1 per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration.”  Based on research done by Anders Ericsson and a team of scientists, they now claim to know just how much ‘perspiration’ is required to become a genius-- apparently ten years or 10,000 hours.  Ericsson writes, “a lot of people believe there are some inherent limits they were born with. But there is surprisingly little hard evidence that anyone could attain any kind of exceptional performance without spending a lot of time perfecting it.” A book by Malcolm Gladwell, “Outliers”, reinforces this point with evidence that geniuses simply become great by practice.

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 As Mrs Soong was not able to attend the MBSalumni Annual Dinner 2010 and receive the Honorary Member of the Year 2011 award herself, Wan Heng Yuen, a student and old boy of MBSKL, and who is somehow related to her, received the award on her behalf.


The following is the letter from Mrs Soong to MBSalumni members, which was read out during the dinner.

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The following list of illustrious alumnus is not an exhaustive list and welcomes your input and contributions.

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay
Genting's Chairman & Chief Executive


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MBSalumni VP Peter Yap Hoy Hoong (left) met up with Myanmar Methodist English School Alumni Association VP recently to finalise logistic and networking between the 2 Alumni Associations.


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