AGM 2016 - A Brief Report Print

Dear Members,

This is a brief update on the just concluded 66th Annual General Meeting (2016).

The proceedings of the AGM were as follow:

1. To confirm Minutes of 65th AGM (2015) - Minutes of 65th AGM were confirmed and adopted.

2. To receive Management Committee report for 2015-2016

3. To receive Statement of Accounts for year 2015 - the Statement of Accounts for 2015 were approved and adopted.

4. To re- appoint Auditors - Messrs Y. S. Yee & Co was re-appointed as the Association’s auditor for 2016.

5. To consider and vote for Resolution #1, 2 & 3 - these Resolutions were voted upon and adopted.

There being no other matters to conduct, the AGM was adjourned at 4.50 pm. A note of ‘Thank you’ was conveyed by the Management Committee to members present.


Choo Yew Kuen

Honorary Secretary