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TAN HEE HENG (1923 - 2016)

Tan Hee Heng was a quiet man. A tall man. A bespectacled man. A man with slicked-back thinning hair, revealing a high forehead.

This is how Tan Hee Heng would be described by people who do not know the man.

For MBS boys whose secondary school years were spent under his leadership of the school, Tan Hee Heng is a giant among men. He worked tirelessly in the cramped school office ensuring that the institution's machinery hummed along despite the limited and declining resources at his disposal.

He took the knocks, he smoothened the creases, he filled the potholes so that staff and students are focussed on the primary process of teaching and learning. He got the job done without hoo-hah and inspired those around him to stay on course for the final destination.

Tan Hee Heng has reached his own final destination. His decades of selfless devotion and tireless dedication will forever be remembered by the MBS family.

Rest in peace, Tan Hee Heng.

An eulogy by one of mbs Alumnus